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The Uprising of the human race – We have to heal our mind and free ourselves from negative words

Now, let's have a look who controlls our media – and to a great extend those trigger words such as : Holocaust, Racist, Anti-Semite etc. 


By Rev. Ted Pike
28 Jun 06

Jewish control of the media is a taboo topic. In Congress, among evangelicals and mainline conservative talk radio, it is never mentioned. It is discussed only in snatches on far Right alternative talk radio.

This is astonishing, considering that almost every substantial library in America contains a number of books confirming such Jewish control. These include Neil Gabler’s An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood and Hoberman and Shandler’s Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting

These encyclopedic histories of Jewish control of the American media outdo any efforts by so-called “anti-Semites” to document an astonishing, frightening fact: The majority of media news and information to the American public comes from Jews.

An authoritative Jewish website, “Judaism Online,” ( in its article, “Jewish Success in the American Media,” documents Jewish media preeminence. It does so not from motives of anti-Semitism, but from Jewish pride. Its 2002 list of many Jewish superstars in the media today is printed, in part, below.

Of course, there are more Gentiles than Jews in the America media, as in America at large. But notice how many Jews are in control of media giants. This helps explain why the Jewish media is so relentlessly anti-Christian, constantly pushing immorality and the liberal, Zionist political agenda.

Why are Christians always marginalized in films and TV? Why is the Palestinian perspective not included in the news? Face the forbidden truth: the media speaks with a Jewish voice.

Television Networks:


Sumner Redstone – chairman of board and CEO of CBS and Viacom, "world's biggest media giant" (Economist, 11-23-02). Viacom owns Viacom Cable, CBS, and MTV all over the world, Blockbuster Video Rentals, and Black Entertainment TV 

Mel Karmazin – CBS corporation president and CEO 

Leslie Moonves (great-nephew of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion) – president of CBS Television 

David Poltrack – executive vice-president, Research and Planning 

Jeff Fager – executive director of “60 Minutes II.” 


Jeff Zucker – president of NBC Entertainment 

Neil Shapiro – president of NBC News 

Jeff Gaspin – executive vice-president, programming NBC 

Max Mutchnik and David Kohan – co-exec. producers of NBC’s “Good Morning, Miami” 

Lloyd Braun – chair of NBC Entertainment. 


Michael Eisner – major owner of Walt Disney, Capital Cities, and ABC 

David Westin – president of ABC News. 


Rupert Murdoch (Jewish mother, hence legally Jewish) – owner of FOX TV, New York PostLondon Times, and News of the World 

Sandy Grushow – chair, FOX Entertainment 

Peter Chernin – second in command at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., owner of FOX TV 

Gail Berman – president of FOX Entertainment. 


Wolf Blitzer – host of CNN’s Late Edition

Hollywood Movie Studios:

Ted Pike's comment: The prestigious Encyclopedia Judaica, in its article “Motion Pictures,” pg. 449, says: “Thus all the large Hollywood companies, with the exception of United Artists…were founded and controlled by Jews.”

Sony Corporation of America: Howard Stringer – chief 

Columbia Pictures: Amy Pascal – chair 

Warner Bros.: Barry Meyer – chair; Jordan Levin – pres. of Warner Bros. Entertainment. 

Miramax Films: Harvey Weinstein – CEO 

Paramount: Sherry Lansing – president of Paramount Communications and chair of Paramount Pictures’ Motion Picture Group. 

DreamWorks: Stephen Spielberg, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg (owners) 

MTV Entertainment: Brian Graden – president 

Turner Entertainment: Brad Siegal – president 


Clear Channel Communications: Robert Sillerman – founder 

PBS: Ben Wattenberg – moderator, PBS ThinkTank 


Ted Pike comments: The Encyclopedia Judaica, in its article “Publishing,” lists the following publishing houses, as of 1971, owned or controlled by Jews: Viking, Knopf, Random House, Modern Library, Simon and Schuster, Harcourt, Brace & Co., Greenberg Publishers, Ziff-Davis, Crown Publishers, Dial Press and Dryden Press. Publishing houses either founded by or with a Jew as editor-in-chief include: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, Abelard-Schumann, Basic Books, Grosset & Dunlap, Federal Writers Project, Gaer Associates, Macmillan & Co., Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Citadel Press, Chanticleer Press, Arthur Frommer, Inc., Hart Publishing Co., Lantern Press, Oceanea Publications, Twayne Publishers, Arco Publishing Co., Grossman Publishers, and Stein & Day.

Publishing houses involved in book clubs, reprints, or children’s literature either founded by or controlled by Jews include the Literary Guild, Book of the Month Club, Limited Editions Club, Heritage Club, Junior Heritage Club, Readers Club, Jewish Book Guild, Military Science Book Club, Natural History Book Club, Book Collector’s Society, Art Book Guild, Science Book Club, Beech Hurst Press, A. S. Barnes & Co., Sagamore Press, Thomas Yoseloff Inc., The Modern Library, World Publishing Co., Little Blue Books, Pocket Books Inc., Avon Publications, Popular Library, Schocken Books, Golden Books, and Golden Press. 

In its article on New York City, the Judaica adds to the list of publishing houses owned by Jews, Liveright & Boni, and Anchor Books. 

Today Random House, Doubleday, and Anchor Books, while Jewish owned and controlled, participate in the world’s largest publishing consortium, Bertelsmann A.G., benefiting from its staggering distribution advantages. End of Ted Pike’s comments.

Bertelsmann’s American operations are headed by Joel Klein, chair and CEO. 

David Manaker is executive director for HarperCollins.


Samuel Newhouse Jr. and Donald Newhouse own Newhouse Publications, which includes 26 newspapers in 22 cities. The Conde Nast Magazine Group includes the New YorkerParade, the Sunday newspaper supplements, American City Business Journal, business newspapers published in more than 30 major cities in America, and interests in cable television programming and cable systems serving one million homes.

Wall Street Journal: Peter R. Kahn, CEO 

New York Times, Boston Globe, and other publications: published by Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr.

New York Daily News: Mortimer Zuckerman, owner

Village Voice, New Times and network of alternative weeklies: Owned by David Schneiderman

Washington Post: Donald Graham, chair and CEO, son of Katharine Graham Meyer, former owner of Washington Post

San Francisco Chronicle: Ron Rosenthal, managing editor; Phil Bronstein, exec. editor 

AOL-Time Warner Book Group: Laurence Kirshbaum, editor


US News & World Report: Mortimer Zuckerman, owner and chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish-American Organizations, one of the largest pro-Israel lobbying groups

New Republic: Marty Peretz, owner and publisher (NR openly identifies itself as pro-Israel.)

Barron’s: Peter R. Kahn, CEO

National Review: Michael Ledeen, editor

Business Week: Bruce Nussbaum, editorial page editor

Newsweek: Donald Graham, chair and CEO, and Howard Fineman, chief political columnist 

Weekly Standard: William Kristol, editor, also executive director, Project for a New American Century, (PNAC)

The New Yorker: David Reznik, editor; Nicholas Lehman, writer; Henrick Hertzberg, “Talk of the Town” editor 


Ivan Seidenberg – CEO of Verizon Communications, Comcast-ATT Cable TV, with Ralph and Brian Roberts as owners. 

Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute – regular columnist for USA Today, news analyst for CBS and co-chair with Leslie Moonves of the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligation of Digital TV Producers, appointed by Clinton.

Dennis Lebowitz – head of Act II Partners, a media hedge fund.

Barry Diller – chair of USA Interactive, former owner of USA Entertainment.

Kenneth Roth – executive director of Human Rights Watch.

Richard Leibner – head of N. S. Bienstock talent agency, which represents 600 news personalities such as Dan Rather, Dianne Sawyer, and Bill O’Reilly.

Ari Fleischer – Bush’s former press secretary

Stephen Emerson – every media outlet’s first choice as an expert on domestic terrorism.

Terry Semel – CEO of Yahoo!, former chair, Warner Bros.

Mark Golin – VP and creative director for AOL. 

Warren Lieberford – president of Warner Bros. Home Video Division of AOL-Time Warner. 

Ted Pike comments: Judaism Online’s list presents only the most outstanding, well-recognized Jews in the American media. I could name hundreds more from the top ranks of Jewish media leadership. Such names are readily available from corporate directories such as Standard and Poor's and Lexis Nexus.

Yes, some of the Jewish superstars listed above are political conservatives. Yet studies of top-level Jewish media executives prove they are overwhelming liberal. The famous Lichter-Rothman poll in the early 1980s found that top media executives were radically out of step with the moral values of the American public. 

97% affirm a woman's right to an abortion if she pleases. 80% disagree that homosexuality is wrong. 86% believe homosexuals have the right to be schoolteachers. 51% believe adultery is permissible. Of 104 top executives polled, 59% were "raised in the Jewish religion."

Does it matter who dominates the media? It does! The media shapes not only our children's values and actions but our own. The Jewish media has normalized sexual degeneracy, profanity and all kinds of sin. It also leads us into war to make the Mid-East safe for Israel. This happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and, tomorrow, Iran.

If an anti-Christian agenda were being advanced by Moonies or Scientologists, dominating the most powerful positions of media leadership in America, there would be a howl of protest. Americans would demand Congressional hearings and investigations. But because the Jewish media has forbidden identification of itself as Jewish, vilifying such as anti-Semitism, a deafening silence prevails. Meanwhile, relentless evil continues to control the spigot of information from which America drinks.

Source ( )


So, we can justifiably say: ALL major media outlets are controlled by the Jews. THIS is the very reason why German people cannot speak and research freely about their history and the so-called Holocaust, why in America and elsewhere there is no news of the Palestine struggle against the invasion by Isrealites into their land, and why NO ONE can say : Israel is an evil state. And we are not even getting into religious stuff…yet. 

So, as a sort of First Aid and to get us out of this delimma it is suggested to hear such trigger words such as "Holocaust" and NOT react. If someone calls you a "racist" – do not react

Let's have a look at the origin of the word "holocaust" :


[hol-uh-kawst, hoh-luh-]


1.a great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire.

2.a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.

3(usually initial capital letter) the systematic mass slaughter ofEuropean Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II(usually preceded by the). 

4.any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.

Now let's look at the origin of the word "racist" :




1.a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racialgroup is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to theothers.


2.of or like racists or racism:

racist policies; racist attitudes.

Word Origin and History for racist

1932 as a noun, 1938 as an adjective, from race (n.2); racism is firstattested 1936 (from French racisme, 1935), originally in the context ofNazi theories. 

But they replaced earlier words, racialism (1871) andracialist (1917), 

both often used early 20c. in a British or South Africancontext. In the U.S., race hatred, race prejudice had been used, and,especially in 19c. political contexts, negrophobia.

Our further research will show us who created the holocaust with a capital H, and who the true racist (people) are. 

It's time to separate fact from fiction, lies from truths. 

With love. 

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Update: Nun run over by car and left in the ditch

Dear friends, 

this is an update on the nun's condition.

On 14th of December 2016 the Tibetan nun Tenzin Yingsel was walking down the mountain to Dharamsala/ North India, when she was run over by a hit-and-run car, and left in the ditch. 

Please read her story here :

Tenzin Yingsel-la has been discharged from hospital months ago and found a new place in the "Jampa Ling Old Age Home"  in Dharamsala. She has her own room and is taken care of very well. She can walk again, slowly. 

We like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all the people who showed concern, taken interest in her story, and donated towards the hospital cost. 




















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People help people – Dewa Project – Singing for Peace

"Dewa Project" is a personal project created by the Tibetan singer Kharag Penpa. 

Kharag Penpa is singing for peace and with the moeny he generates he wishes to build a Children's Liberary in Ladakh. 




Kharag Penpa started this project in 2016. 

" I made my mind to 'Support Tibetan children with Elder Tibetan Hands' and have a plan for the project to build a children library in Ladakh.

Because in Ladakh, kids doesn't have enough library and books.

Donating notebooks and pencils to kids are also good, but I want to provide more sustainable support.

I'm so happy when I see the smile of children with happiness.

So this is the meaning of 'Dewa Project'. If you happy, I'm also Happy : ) "













































If you like to support "Dawa Project" , like his page on Facebook :













With Love. 

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Music Heals – Menschen helfen Menschen

Al-Mada is the first non-profit organisation in Palestine to design and implement a music therapy program.  Al-Mada was founded in 2009 by Odeh Turjman, a well-known Palestinian musician and co-founder of Sabreen music group, and his wife Reem Abdel Hadi. Two remarkable individuals who are trying to spread their passion for music and its magic in communities that do not have access to this art. Odeh and Reem, and the beautiful staff of Al-Mada, are sharing their love for music with thousands of traumatised  women, children and refugee communities, allowing them to express, create and heal through music..

We came to know Al-Mada in 2010 and were immediately impressed with their work, dedication and results. Since that time, we are in regular exchange with them and closely follow their work. A month ago we came back from our third visit to Ramallah and the living conditions  in the refugee camps have not improved. It is a very difficult and stressful life for most of the families.

We watched women and youth during the music sessions of Al-Mada and it is amazing to see, how much joy it brings to the communities. Al-Mada also helps school children to write and create their own songs and let them perform in their communities. Music has such a powerful influence and we have witnessed the positive impact it has on their lives. But of course funding for these programs is crucial, as there are still plenty of youth groups who wish to participate in the music and arts program, and we hope we can make it come true for them.


Thank you all very much


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Public and Judicial Notice — Number One

Friday, July 7, 2017

Public and Judicial Notice — Number One




By Anna Von Reitz
All birth certificates issued to Americans between the years 1837 to date are suspect and may be fraudulent documents representing false and undisclosed claims of settlement entered into the public record. 
Absent proof of actual and factual federal municipal or territorial employment or actual federal dependency, no presumption against the standing or identity of any American born within the borders of one of the organic states can be made on the basis of having a Birth Certificate, licenses, participation in the Social Security System or any similar documentation.  
In the majority of cases, all such documentation is null and void for fraud.  
All such non-federal, non-resident Americans are to be presumed free men and landlords on the land and as peaceful American vessels engaged in international trade on the sea; their names and other assets must be removed from all federal bankruptcies and held harmless by all federal bankruptcy trustees.  Their copyrights, trademarks, patents, titles and deeds must be promptly returned and all presumptions against them must be dropped. 
All claims of federal person hood are open to rebuttal and full notice and disclosure must be given to those affected.  All promises of Equal Civil Rights are extended and remain in effect. All federal employees who do their jobs in good faith are held harmless and provided full amnesty pending debt forgiveness.  
All members of the American Bar Association must file their Foreign Agent Registrations no later than September 1, 2017. 
                                                                     — James Clinton Belcher, Head of State


















































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In my world….

…. there is Peace in our World, for there are no wars anywhere.

In my world … there is no greed, for everyone has everything.

In my world … there is no poverty, for the planet provides for all creatures. 

In my world … there are no dis-ease, for every creature is at ease.

In my world … there is no money, for no one accepts slavery

In my world …



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People help People – in London

Close to the well-known Liverpool Street Station is a small Cafe, one of thousands in London

Nothing that special about this cafe but it is noteworthy that the food is good and the prices reasonable. 

The truly great thing about this Cafe is … the owner, called "Serhan". 

While sitting there enjoying my breakfast and tea, looking onto the streets, a homeless guy came by and stood still by the Cafe Window, looking inside the Cafe. I wasn't sure if he is looking to me, or someone else. I could not continue with my breakfast, turned around, and ask the owner if he knew this guy. He said "yes". 

Not knowing anything at all, I ask him if I should get this guy a tea or something, and Serhan (sorry if I spell your name incorrectly) replied "it is already in the making". 

"His food is being prepared, and coffee, too".

I asked Serhan if I could pay for this and he replied" no, don't worry, I have been doing this everyday for the past 8 years"

This Coffee Shop owner has served a hot meal and a coffee everyday, for the past eight years !!! to a homeless man. 

Serhan would not accept money from me, and had a gentle smile on his face. 

Humbled by this all I could offer to add to the coffee was a small wrapped German cookie that I still had in my pocket, to go with the coffee. 

Unnoticed by media and the world this owner is a true hero. He is doing what we all should be doing, helping and sharing. 

I am humbled and I ask of you: should you ever be in that area, please do visit the coffee shop and take your tea or lunch there. 


105 Worship St, London EC2A 2DG, Vereinigtes Königreich

+44 20 7539 9442

Share the Love, and thank you Serhan !



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For the British Prime Minister and Principle Parties

By Anna Von Reitz

These items are a simple communication presented to the British Prime Minister by the lawful government of the United States.  We consider the British Government responsible for much of the harm that has been done — responsible, though in the current generation, not to blame.  We would like:
1.      Permanent cessation of any Territorial, Municipal, or Regional “citizenship” obligations being presumed upon the American people who are not by birth or actual occupation naturally subject to these foreign political statuses;
2.      The establishment of a non-invasive means of identifying American state nationals to distinguish between them and United States citizens at a glance, to expedite issuance of proper passports and travel IDs and also allowing for efficient administration of applicable law;  
3.      The end of registration and conscription of American state nationals into federal pension plans, e.g., “Social Security”, health insurance plans, and other corporate enrichment schemes executed under color of law as government mandates when in fact such mandates do not apply to them;
4.      The end of legal prosecution of American state nationals as presumed federal citizens and their unlawful incarceration and harassment under these false pretenses;
5.      The  end of personage and press-ganging used against American state nationals by members of the Bar Associations acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents and unlicensed privateers;
6.      The reform of federal government accounting and reporting practices to guarantee transparency;
7.       The reform of commercial banking law to prevent acquisition of state bank and government agency names, trademarks, and copyrights so as to confuse the actual nature of the parties involved in transactions and also to prohibit the combining of commercial and investment banks;
8.      The vacating and/or voluntary sharing of our state and local public facilities as local need dictates; 
9.      The release of American political prisoners and others who have been convicted of non-violent victimless crimes, regulatory infractions, and failure to comply with implied contracts which do not exist under American Common Law;
10.   A Declaration of Lasting Peace ending any and all “war” or “emergency” related to the American states and people or purporting any controversy on our shores or within our states;
11.   The concurrent end of any presumption of “enemy” status attaching to American state nationals at home or abroad;
12.   The honoring of the obligations of the British Monarch and Holy See and Westminster to protect all Americans engaged in peaceful international trade;
13.   The recognition of our lawful pre-1860 civil peace flag of the Republic as our international ensign and flag now flying, characterized by its red and white vertical stripes and blue stars set against a white left corner block;
14.   The recognition of the American Silver Dollar and certificates based on silver as our traditional and lawful form of money;
15.   The recognition of the American Common Law as the law form owed to our states and people;
16.   The return of our land patents absent any false claims of abandonment, neglect, or voluntary release;
17.   The return of all titles, patents, trademarks, and copyrights taken to American assets, including our given names and estates;
18.   The return of unlawfully converted American fungible assets –public and private business, bank, retirement, escrow, and estate accounts– to their rightful owners;
19.   The reform of the Internal Revenue Service(s) to properly re-venue all assets public and private per Items 12, 13, and 14 above;
20.   The end of media manipulation, monopolization, black-outs, gag orders and spying without probable cause;
21.   The de-militarization of all police and federal agencies to expedite peace time functions;
22.   The re-tasking of the FBI to investigate and prosecute interstate bank fraud, interstate securities fraud, copyright and patent infringement, and human trafficking;
23.   Recognition of our land jurisdiction County Sheriffs and our Federal Marshals who serve the international land jurisdiction under the un-delegated reserved powers of the states;
24.   A moratorium on new non-essential legislation and a mandatory review process to correct former legislation so as to expedite implementation of these remedies and reforms;
25.   The end of all efforts, practices, and directives seeking to confuse, deceive, or defraud anyone;
26.   The establishment of a truly equitable credit-based monetary and financial system that reflects abundance and which properly values the abilities, resources, and labor of all people. 
Most of all, we would like the sincere and solemn commitment of the British Government and all Principle Parties to fully support the complete restoration and success of our lawful government.  We feel that the long and uncompensated labors of our people, the use and often the abuse of our resources, and the overall criminal nature of the methods and means that have been employed against us merit your complete understanding.