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People help people – Dewa Project – Singing for Peace

"Dewa Project" is a personal project created by the Tibetan singer Kharag Penpa. 

Kharag Penpa is singing for peace and with the moeny he generates he wishes to build a Children's Liberary in Ladakh. 




Kharag Penpa started this project in 2016. 

" I made my mind to 'Support Tibetan children with Elder Tibetan Hands' and have a plan for the project to build a children library in Ladakh.

Because in Ladakh, kids doesn't have enough library and books.

Donating notebooks and pencils to kids are also good, but I want to provide more sustainable support.

I'm so happy when I see the smile of children with happiness.

So this is the meaning of 'Dewa Project'. If you happy, I'm also Happy : ) "













































If you like to support "Dawa Project" , like his page on Facebook :













With Love. 

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