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Music Heals – Menschen helfen Menschen

Al-Mada is the first non-profit organisation in Palestine to design and implement a music therapy program.  Al-Mada was founded in 2009 by Odeh Turjman, a well-known Palestinian musician and co-founder of Sabreen music group, and his wife Reem Abdel Hadi. Two remarkable individuals who are trying to spread their passion for music and its magic in communities that do not have access to this art. Odeh and Reem, and the beautiful staff of Al-Mada, are sharing their love for music with thousands of traumatised  women, children and refugee communities, allowing them to express, create and heal through music..

We came to know Al-Mada in 2010 and were immediately impressed with their work, dedication and results. Since that time, we are in regular exchange with them and closely follow their work. A month ago we came back from our third visit to Ramallah and the living conditions  in the refugee camps have not improved. It is a very difficult and stressful life for most of the families.

We watched women and youth during the music sessions of Al-Mada and it is amazing to see, how much joy it brings to the communities. Al-Mada also helps school children to write and create their own songs and let them perform in their communities. Music has such a powerful influence and we have witnessed the positive impact it has on their lives. But of course funding for these programs is crucial, as there are still plenty of youth groups who wish to participate in the music and arts program, and we hope we can make it come true for them.


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