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People help People – in London

Close to the well-known Liverpool Street Station is a small Cafe, one of thousands in London

Nothing that special about this cafe but it is noteworthy that the food is good and the prices reasonable. 

The truly great thing about this Cafe is … the owner, called "Serhan". 

While sitting there enjoying my breakfast and tea, looking onto the streets, a homeless guy came by and stood still by the Cafe Window, looking inside the Cafe. I wasn't sure if he is looking to me, or someone else. I could not continue with my breakfast, turned around, and ask the owner if he knew this guy. He said "yes". 

Not knowing anything at all, I ask him if I should get this guy a tea or something, and Serhan (sorry if I spell your name incorrectly) replied "it is already in the making". 

"His food is being prepared, and coffee, too".

I asked Serhan if I could pay for this and he replied" no, don't worry, I have been doing this everyday for the past 8 years"

This Coffee Shop owner has served a hot meal and a coffee everyday, for the past eight years !!! to a homeless man. 

Serhan would not accept money from me, and had a gentle smile on his face. 

Humbled by this all I could offer to add to the coffee was a small wrapped German cookie that I still had in my pocket, to go with the coffee. 

Unnoticed by media and the world this owner is a true hero. He is doing what we all should be doing, helping and sharing. 

I am humbled and I ask of you: should you ever be in that area, please do visit the coffee shop and take your tea or lunch there. 


105 Worship St, London EC2A 2DG, Vereinigtes Königreich

+44 20 7539 9442

Share the Love, and thank you Serhan !



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