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Why do we have to prepare for emergency situation?

The answer is simple. Because we cannot rely on our so-called governments, in any emergency situation.

We cannot, and must not rely on our so-called politicians, those people who we have voted into power, who are suppose to help and serve us.

What if the power grid, electricity, is down? For whatever reason. 

Some people think, and say, it is not necessary to prepare for emergency situation because if there is a serious situation there is nothing we can do anyway. Right. But actually wrong. If you are killed instantly, well, not much you can do, but what if you survive? What will you do? How will you help yourself, and your dear ones? With what?

We may not be able stop an emergency situation from happening but we CAN and MUST prepare, to the best of our knowlege and financial means. 

There is no harm in stocking some water, some tinned food, candles and lighters. And some other crucial things. 

If you need some inspiration, please read

Here is what happened in Germany in 1978/79 – when there was no electricity, no heater, no phone  (in German, the footage is telling)

"Without electricity NOTHING works in our modern world"

Yes, think positive, dream your future positive, but be prepared for a bumpy situation. 

With love. 


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