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Stansted Airport passengers coerced into going through whole body scanner – that is NOT legal!

People frequently fly from and to Stansted Airport. 

Apparently, according to the Stansted Airport Website, new whole body scanners were introduced some time in 2016.

Source: Stansted Airport Newsletter dated 8.June 2016 

If you want to inform yourself about those brandnew whole body scanner, well, you cannot. There is NO INFORMATION PROVIDED on the type of scanners used etc. 

Instead, Standed Airport is using the same "technique" as other airports use : Coerce the passenger into using it. 
That's all that this is, being pressured into using them. How ? 

Well, the uneducated information given to passengers by employess of the Airport are :

1. it is harmless, pregnant women can use it ( such statement can only be made by medical doctors or health professionals! )

2. and patients with pace makers can use it ( again, are airport employees medically trained advisors ? )

3. and it is legal requirement ( this is actually a false statement! )

Be informed : There are NO LEGAL grounds for this kind of procedures! It is ONLY a recommendation by the so-called European Commission, to use whole body scanners for safety at airports, nothing else. 

Passengers declining the "offer" to be scanned are pressured by airport employees and their managers, told that they will have to go through "extensive physical examination, possibly intrusive". And who wants that? 

This whole thing is a scam, another one, and we are the guinea pigs !

Wake up people, and do not be the endlessly trusting. You are being lied to! And your health is at stake!

And remember : Permission given under duress does not constitute consent!!!

If you are coerced into signing ANYTHING you are adviced to add "under duress" to your signature. 

If you need more info on the legal background of this scanners, have a read here :

Wake up humanity! With love. 


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