There is choice – what are YOU going to choose?

We live in a time where it appears that we have very little or no choice, no influence on matters. Our so-called governments tell us what to do, or not to do. Our so-called religions tell us what to believe, or not to believe.  All sorts of "authorities" on different levels like us to believe that we have no choice. That is not correct information. We do have a choice. Only, what choices do we have?

First of all, we can choose not to choose, which is the choice of no advancement. 

Service to Self is what is happening on this planet right now. Manipulated and by free will. This ruins planet earth and corrupts humanity. 

Service to Others is what is lacking on this planet. Mother earth is waiting for us to step in. 

Service to others does not mean that you deny yourself pleasures and happiness. On the contrary. As we are part of this planet, the universe, it makes only sense to see the bigger picture. We are not alone here and we ought to care about the planet and all beings, including animals. 

Our heart will help. Our HEART connects to our soul, to our higher self, to the universe, and to SOURCE. 

Everything is of consciousness. Have the courage and commitment to change. And this commitment to change your reality will take you to your heart. 

How can I connect with my higher self and source? 

1. Ground yourself

Go out into nature as much as possible. Go for walks in parks, hug a tree. Talk to trees, or plants. Connect with nature. 

If you do not have the opportunity to go out into nature, there are other means to connect to earth. You might like to look into "grounding technologies" and perhaps purchase a grounding device:

2. Strengthen your immune system

This is best done with healthy foods, and spending time in nature.

3. Good and sufficient resting time and sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep. And make sure there are no electronic / WiFi devices in your bedroom. 

Meditate or do Yoga, if you like. If you don't do meditation, take time off for yourself, by yourself, and go silent. Be quiet. Just be. Listen inwardly.

4. Detox regularily

There are ways to detoxify that are not horribly expensive. Before you detoxify, make yourself aware what toxins you are taking in. Educate yourself, become aware. 

5. Drink lots of water

Water is crucial to our health and wellbeing. Make sure you drink good quality water. If your tap water is no good consider to buy a suitable water filter. They don't cost the world and are certainly a good investment.

My research into water filters

led me to this company

6. Love yourself

YES, love yourself. How can you love others if you don't love yourself? It doesn't work. So love yourself first. 

7. Trust yourself

YES, trust yourself! Remember, there is no authority outside yourself. You are THE authority, and you have to learn to trust YOUR authority. 

Do not allow anybody, any institution, to fool you and to cheat you on your inherent powers, to make you believe in things which do not serve your advancement. Advancements as an individual soul, advancement as a race. 

Take your powers back. Remember, you are the only authority there is. 

Your HEART will show you the way. Trust yourself. With love. 






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