Prepping for Emergency Situations


What do we REALLY need to survive ? 

1.Medical Supply

6.Helping others?
7.Communicating with others

1. Medical care:

1. First Aid Kit (Treating cuts and open wounds – infection risk! )

2. If regular medication is needed à stockpile them

3. BASICS to keep our health in good shape

– Natural Multi-Vitamin Product

– Vitamin D3 plus K2

– Nascent Iodine

– MMS (sodium chlorite)

– Magnesium

2. Shelter

Depending on the emergency case, we must think about shelter:

– Can we stay where we are? Do we have to move on to another place?
– Do we have a Plan A, B, and C?
– Talk about escape routes with family
– Do we have friends nearby, or further away, where we could go to build a stronger (survival) group?

3. Water

Water is crucial! We have to make sure that we drink enough water.

2-3 liters/ person/ per day + plus for cooking and hygiene

First thoughts: Where is the next water source (river, canal, lake, springs)?
First step to purify water: boil it
Additional water purifying equipment:
– LiveStraw by Vestergaard ( removes up to 99,99% of waterbourne parasites and bacteria)
– Adya Clarity (can be obtained from
– Katadyn Water Purifier

4. Food

Sources of nutrition:

– Emergency food e.g. NRG-5

– Tinned and pickled food (check expiration dates)

– Natural sources e.g. berries, roots, plants; animals?

Don’t forget to RATION your resources!

5. Self-defense

  • If you can: stay fit, do sports
  • Learn Martial Arts basics. Especially advisable for women and girls as confidence booster
  • “energetic self-defense”
  • Learn new skills, anything which will help you to stay independent.

Helping others?

Some might ask: How can we help others in such situations? Can we even help others ?

Obviously, we will be helping our family first. But what about neighbors, or strangers we meet along the way?

ALWAYS ask yourself (before accepting people to “your” group):

1. Are those people a possible threat to you and your family?

2. Are you truly able to help them, e.g. do you have enough water and food to support them? Do you have their medications (if needed)?

To save people is no doubt a good thing but you MUST think about you and your family’s safety first!!!

Communicating with others

Consider purchasing:

– 2-way radio set

– World Radio Receiver

Barter items:

– salt

– pain killers

– alcohol

– cigarettes

– other desired goods (think what others might need and want)

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2. Shelter

3. Water

4. Food

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5. Self Defense


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