Body scanners at airports are compulsory ? – NO!

Scanners remain a voluntary procedure – and there is NO legal obligation to go through them!

They keep popping up at airports in Europe, and in the States, presumingly worldwide.

Those (whole) body scanners at airports. They serve us and are for our own safety while travelling, right?

I dare question that!

We have not heard a SINGLE CASE where a potential "terrorist" was caught in a body scanner (any scanner for that matter), carrying explosives.

Let's look at the implications, to our health, and the legal grounds of those scanners








Is is "legal" to rush thousands of unsuspecting air travellers through those scanners ?

Let's see what the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has to say about those scanners :

"The European Commission is focused too much on technology and erroneously downplays the importance of enhanced intelligence sharing and human factor analysis", said Bernardo Hernández Bataller (Spain, Various Interests' Group), rapporteur of the opinion. 

The European Economic and Social Committee set out its concerns about the scanners' ability to improve security, which, coupled with the considerable cost of the scanners, remains the key issue. As an alternative to be considered, the EESC suggested using available technologies to identify broad sources of threat, which would then be investigated by means of "pat-down" searches. Given the fast-developing technology, the EESC favoured making the most of existing tools and opted to wait for other technology that is better equipped for purpose and less intrusive than body scanners in their current form. 

The EESC fear that body scanners are an invasion of privacy and can infringe fundamental rights if images are unduly stored, printed or disseminated. To prove the point, the Committee recalls a case at a Florida court where 35,000 images from body scanners were retained by security agents and posted on the Internet. 

The Committee objected to restraining fundamental rights as a trade-off for public security. It backed the idea of passengers being allowed to opt out of body scanner checks without having to suffer additional burdens such as delays or long queues for exhaustive searches. It called on the Commission to create the effective legal remedies so that passengers would not fear of opting out of these checks. 

EU advisory body also reminded that there was no "conclusive proof" that the radiation emitted by the scanners posed no risk to human health. As long as these doubts have not been dispelled, the use of body scanners is not advisable, said the EESC. It also urged the European Commission to lay down specific rules for the vulnerable passengers, such as pregnant women, children or the disabled.

The EESC criticized the Commission's move to replace the term "body scanners" with "security scanners" with in order to make them more "politically attractive". It also berated the European executive for trying to push through new rules without sufficiently open and broad political debate, instead opting for obscure discussions among experts.

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Is it "healthy" – of no concern to our health – for humans to be scanned?

These principal technologies of body scanners being used at airports

  1. Passive and active sub millimetre-wave imaging
  2. Passive and active terahertz imaging
  3.  Infrared thermal imaging
  4. Acoustic imaging.

All of those technologies use radiation, laser or x-ray in one or the other way.

  1. active sub millimetre-wave imaging
  2. T-Rays are used for medical applications? (
  3. (a “drone-hunting” drone using a thermal and infrared imaging to detect unauthorized drones?)
  4. ; In photoacoustic imaging, non-ionizing laser pulses are delivered into biological tissues (when radio frequency pulses are used, the technology is referred to as thermoacoustic imaging).

When we search the database of the European Union and its Commissions, we can

1."communications" on aviation security

2. and "propositions" REGULATION (EC) No 300/2008

but NO legally binding grounds for us to go through those scanners!

You trust your so-called Government: Think again.

Lets have a look at this :

10. Equipment trials may be performed to evaluate new technologies; formal trials of Security Scanners as a primary method for screening passengers were undertaken in Finland, at Helsinki -Vantaa airport, in the UK, at London Heathrow airport and are ongoing at Manchester airport2, and in the Netherlands, at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Recently also France3 and Italy4 have begun testing. To Commission's knowledge no other Member States deploy Security Scanners.


So, what are we, guinea pigs? The answer is yes.

And is it not a crime against humanity that people are coerced into being scanned at airports and made believe that it is a legal requirement!! Its a scam!

If your health and the health of your family members is dear to you: Opt out.

If you want to keep your genitals private: Opt out.

If you care about your basic and inalienable inborn rights: Opt out.

And, please bear in mind, permission given under duress does not constitute consent!!!

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